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I started my 1st company in January 1985, and other than selling a successor company and running it for a multi-billion dollar enterprise for ~2 years, I’ve been self-employed. I sold my last business, Mentor Communications Group, in 2004 and started The Allasso Group after I left in April 2006.

My primary focus is Business & Sales Strategy, Marketing Communications and Social Media program design and deployment.

I can be found at www.supplier-connection.net where I am contracted as the Social Media Director and Small Business Advocate for a major Corporate Citizenship initiative.

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Why did you start your Small Business?

I commute from Norwalk, CT to Hicksville, NY four days each week. 58 miles each way. 3 major traffic patterns. 2.5 hours each day. For some reason, last week as I was driving down the Hutchinson Parkway, it hit me that every day I drive right past the exit for City Island… City Island just […]


How Would You Do in the Shark Tank?

The American Dream of building and growing a business is alive and well.  In fact, you can see it played out every Friday night on “Shark Tank” – a reality TV show with, at least, some redeeming value. As avid fans, my wife and I are glued to the TV watching as each hopeful small […]


How to Ramp-Up to Serve a Fortune 1000 Company

Since I launched my first company in 1985 I’ve started a total of six SBEs. Each company was in the B2B space selling to the Fortune 1000. In each case I closed a large order with a F1000 that was the catalyst for significant growth.  And each time I went through the process I learned […]


Please! Don’t Jump… into Social Media Without a Marketing Plan!

Dear Small Business Enterprises (SBE), I never thought I’d even think the following sentence: I enjoy Tweeting. In fact, of all the Social Media platforms, I enjoy Twitter most.  Every post is an intellectual and creative challenge to draft engaging thoughts—and in such small confines!  All designed to entice fellow Tweeters to my content, competing against a […]


Funny Marketing Screw Ups: A precursor to my next post…

I was in the midst of writing my next blog on the importance of developing a Marketing Plan BEFORE jumping into the world of Social Media, when into my inbox popped this old gem from Bob Smith (a consultant @ The Allasso Group & long-time colleague). Bob sent me ”Great Marketing Screw Ups”, a list of 10 colossal, mind-bending, […]


Interview with Richard Hodapp, Creator of Decision MAPping

Greetings to all, As promised in my previous post (Why Do Small Businesses Stay… small?), here’s the two-part interview I did with Rich Hodapp, Chairman of The MAPping Alliance and creator of Decision MAPping(TM).  Over the next few weeks I’ll update this post to outline the key points and big ideas discussed during my conversation with Rich. […]


Why Do Small Businesses Stay… small

Why do small businesses stay small? A pretty good question, especially to an audience of small business enterprises (SBEs) and entrepreneurs. You likely joined Supplier-Connection to help grow your business by winning major contracts and building relationships with the Fortune 500 partners. Richard Hodapp, the creator of a business process called Decision MAPping® says SBEs stay small because they don’t have […]


Live Interview Thurs., Sept. 1st @ 1:00PM ET

Brought to you by Supplier-Connection This just UPDATED: John Martin, the host of Small Business Roundtable has scheduled a live interview with Dan Gallo for Thursday September 1st @ 1:00PM ET. Listen to the show Streaming LIVE on SBR Radio or you can LISTEN by calling the show line at 213-559-8022. After the interview we’ll be taking call-in questions on the same telephone number, or you can Tweet your […]


An introduction…

I”m a lifelong entrepreneur, born with enough musical ability to have toured w/ a band in earlier days, but not quite enough to make it a career.  At 25 years old, with a combination of creativity, youthful exuberance, a passion for business and $15,000 I borrowed from family, I started my first company in 1985 – producing corporate […]