The Team

The Allasso Group was founded by Dan Gallo in April 2006 after selling Mentor Communications Group, a Marketing Communications and eLearning EPSS software products and services company. During his 25+ years running small businesses serving the Fortune 1000, he conceived and launched Mentor®, an EPSS software application which ultimately served over 50 million users in the B2B and B2C markets, worked as a Communications Consultant for C-level management teams on over 100 IPO’s & Debt Offerings, and produced/wrote/designed/directed major corporate events, national sales meetings and annual shareholder meetings. During his career he has led four successful start-up and expansion capital campaigns, and eight acquisitions, mergers and business unit sales.

In his long IT and media industry career, Bob Smith has acquired a wide range of skills and experience. With IBM, his own consultancy, British IT giant ICL, and Mentor Communications Group, he’s done and managed sales, customer support, product development, people management processes, management development, international industry strategy and marketing, employee and marketing communications in new media, pricing, and many others. He’s been successful from rookie IBM salesman to principal in two small companies to Board member and Division VP of ICL, a $4.5 billion IT multinational now part of Fujitsu. At Mentor Communications, he worked with Gallo to launch Mentor®, the world’s first successful Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).

Robbie de Villiers name is synonymous with premium quality brand and corporate identity design. He has gained international recognition for design excellence: 2 International Clio Awards, 21 International Clio Award nominations, Communication Arts Awards (USA), London Institute for Packaging (Great Britain), Office de la Vigne et du Vin (France), and have been featured in Novum Gebrausgraphik (Germany), NOAH (Japan), Graphis Annual and Packaging (Switzerland), and Print (USA).

John Paris has had a notable career performing Executive Assessment and Coaching, together with Organizational Development and Effectiveness consulting that spans industries, services, non-profits and government. He has received recognition for his work in Leadership Development and Succession Planning as well as in Management Risk-Audits and Organizational Redesign. John is certified in SIMA® (Master Trainer), MBTI, and knowledgeable in all major assessment instruments, 360 methodologies, and competency modeling, and has a working familiarity with open-space technology. His consulting on conflict resolution and hi-talent development has been featured in the Journal of Career Development of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.