Team Global Wealth
2018 Summer Contest

Objective: Reward team members who are building their business & growing their team

Prizes: Winners will share in a payout of 3-Year Mining Contracts!

1st Prize$350 in 3-year mining contracts

2nd Prize$225 in 3-year mining contracts

3rd Prize$100 in 3-year mining contracts

4th Prize$75 in 3-year mining contracts

No, wait! There’s MORE!

All winners also win a Saturday Long Island Sound sailing trip with Captain Tom Stevenson & the Team Global Wealth leaders aboard the SUMMER BREEZE!

Sun… Summer Fun… Food… Adult beverages… (& Dramamine)!

The Contest starts today and runs through Sunday, JULY 15th, 12:00am midnight EASTERN time.

How To Qualify

  1. Click here and fill out the form to register for the contest

    Then either…
  1. Sign up 2 personals who 1. Pay $125 annual NUI license, and 2. Buy minimum of $100 in Mintage Mining Contracts… OR

  2. Schedule & participate in three (3) 3-Way Calls with a member of the TGW Leadership team (Tom, Manny, Andel, Mike, & Danny)

How To Win

After meeting at least one of the above qualifications, the top four people who add the most people to their team win!

(That includes new Personals, new Overrides, and new Forced Matrix team members.)

Let’s make this a SUMMER TO REMEMBER!

©2018 Team Global Wealth All Rights Reserved

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