There are many firms you can hire to help promote your Campaign, but not many that have the skills to help you actually develop your Campaign. The Allasso Group has developed “investable messages” for over 200 companies, raising literally BILLIONS of dollars of capital. Here is your chance to put our experience to work for your small business.


$95.00 Introductory Offer

Have our expert marketing communications executives evaluate & critique your script to help you hone your “investable message”… it’s the WHY people will take interest in your Project.


$175.00 Introductory Offer

We’ll evaluate and critique your entire Project: Title & Tagline, Project Video script, Web Copy and Backer Rewards, to sharpen your investable message, and make sure there’s continuity in message, tone, and all copy.


Starts at $399.00

We’ll craft the messages for your email campaign, and all social media platforms, plus identify the key bloggers to pick up and cover your Campaign.


Starts at $499.00 – Contact us for a review

From your input we’ll use our time-proven process to develop the Structural Story Flow. Once approved we’ll craft a 3 to 4 minute script that leverages your best assets and drives home why people will back your Project.


Starts at $1,295.00* – Contact us for a review

From your input and raw materials, this includes writing your Project Video script, web site copy, working with you to draft the list of Backer Rewards, and the initial email marketing message to launch your campaign.

*Does not include any video production or graphic design work, or the development and running of a fundraising campaign (including writing/managing email campaign, writing/managing a social media campaign, etc.).