Company & Product Branding

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the perception corporations or consumers have of a company, service or product. This perception is transactional as it is formed with each interaction that takes place over time. We guide companies with out-of-the-box approaches to create optimal positioning. This often results in recommending a new offering or highlighting/developing a strategic business factor to better position the company against competitors. Oft times this re-positioning turns into the company’s primary competitive advantage or premium product/service offering.

Brand Identity

A company’s brand identity is intertwined with its product offerings and serves as an instant and encapsulated reminder of who they are and what they provide. It therefore makes sense to have a brand mark that is both inspirational and aspirational. We have developed brand identities for many Fortune 500 companies and understand the necessity of a brand identity that is well positioned to perform visually in every medium. Consistency of service is obvious, but often consistent brand image is overlooked by smaller companies.

Brand Identity Style Guide

We integrate the brand style guides into a contemporary on-demand solution. Style guides are transformed into templates we create with the same e-tools our clients already use. These are served from the “cloud” for ease of access as well as synchronized by media platform. Because our style guides are easy to use and always available, consistency is virtually ensured. The net result is a cohesive and well orchestrated visual identity that will always make a stellar impression.

Packaging Design

Any seasoned product manager will tell you the single most cost effective and immediate impact you can have on a brand is to refresh it’s packaging. Consumers are finely tuned to the subtleties of packaging design because they interact constantly. When all is said and done, when a consumer interacts with your product – no extra support is at hand to assist in the sale – the package has to speak for you. We’ve created award-winning packaging including physical containers from wine bottles to software packaging to crash helmets.

Company Name Development

We create unique company and product names. Our process begins with an audit of existing names within the competitive landscape in order to establish the associated cues. Our goal is to create  memorable names that fit comfortably in their native environment. What separates us from other firms is we present the suggested names with completed designs to show each name in context, including logo, business cards, letterhead, email signatures, web placement and signage to better assess the overall impact of a specific name selection.