Change Management Consulting & Productivity Program Development

Enterprise IT Application Deployments & End-User Assimilation

It’s universally agreed that enterprise software integration challenges begin with the end-user. At the heart of these issues is a communication problem; a fundamental breakdown in end-user understanding of IT service offerings and reengineered business processes, combining to create a real drag on productivity and system-wide performance.

Our approach to solving the “end-user problem” is truly unique because it empowers every end-user with the three essential elements crucial for their success: communication, learning and support. And we do it right at the desktop, embedded in the application. Our approach has been proven successful for more than 15 years on over 50 million desktops.

As the original developers of the first commercially successful Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) in the world, we continue to apply the principles we honed on scores of enterprise software deployments with the largest companies in the world to deliver tangible results:

  • Shorten deployment times for new applications and upgrades
  • Accelerate end-user assimilation
  • Experience a 20% to 45% reduction in Help Desk calls