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The following article was written by Dan Gallo for the Supplier-Connection initiative launched by Fortune 100 companies committed to increasing their spend with US-based small business to help spur job growth and economic recovery.

Supplier Connection has the potential to become your biggest new business generator. And I want you to leverage it for all its worth.

I’m Supplier Connection’s Social Media Director & Small Business Advocate, and I’m one of you.  I’ve been a small business owner since 1985.

People come in all shapes and sizes, with some hard-wired predilections, especially about earning a living.

I believe I was born to run small businesses: Errand-boy for small storefront businesses at seven. Reprimanded by the manager of a newspaper for taking customers from other paperboys at 11. A 15-customer lawn maintenance service at 13. A rock band with notarized contracts at 14. Etc.

It seemed natural when, at 25, married 18 months with a newborn son and a newly mortgaged condo, I grew frustrated with the service quality of my employer and started Corporate Multi-Media, Inc.

The stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know could fill several books. But I had passion in spades, a cast-iron stomach for handling pressure, and $15K borrowed from our families.

Five years later when that business failed, I didn’t run for the security of a paycheck. I started another company with more focused, more profitable services. Too risky? Maybe, but I didn’t hesitate.  It’s as if it was ordained.

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