Is Your Digital Marketing Effective?

In 1964(!) Marshall McLuhan, still considered the leading prophet of the electronic age, stated that we’re raised to learn by reading (i.e.: a uniform, linear medium), but electronic mediums (TV, & now the Internet & Social Media) transfer information visually & aurally—sight & sound—in an instantaneous, non-linear, totally immersive—more effective manner.

McLuhan was spot on. Check out the growth trends of social platforms:

  • YouTube video streams doubled in 2015 to 172+ billion plays.
  • Instagram accounts grew 740% faster than Facebook pages in 2015.
  • Mobile video usage/day exceeded 4.2 exabytes/month (4.5 × 109 gigabytes!)
  • Facebook video plays/day = 500+ million
  • AND THIS: Big Businesses 2015 social media spend +$7.5B

What does this mean for you?

In order to drive new business using  your website, direct email, & social platforms, you need to improve the quality of your messaging (impact & clarity, grammar, & aesthetics) across all platforms. You also need to choose the social platforms that best serve your business, & then master their usage because you’re competing with Big Business Billions for attention. Bottom line: Marketing is supposed to drive inbound leads—and you NEED more. Now. AllassoTwitterIcon

To help we developed two low-price service bundles to set you on the right path. To make them really affordable we discounted them by 40% through March 2016. And we’re making a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 50% available for the first 4 people who respond (2 for each service). Click the logo, or the service offering titles below to visit our online store:

Website Communications Audit —Reg. $450                               $270 (40% off thru Mar’16) $225 SPECIAL: (50% off for the 1st 2 Customers!)

To make sure you’re website’s effectively delivering your value proposition we perform a full communications audit. You email us your businesses value proposition & an email from your last Direct Email Campaign, we then review your website for 1. Message Clarity & Effectiveness, 2. Grammar & Sentence Structure, 3. Site Aesthetics, & 4. Mobile readiness. We’ll then send you a detailed report detailing all recommended changes, including a full text edit of your website, correcting any grammar, typos & sentences structure issues.

Social Media Communications Audit — Reg. $450                      $270 (40% off thru Mar’16)  $225 SPECIAL: (50% off for the 1st 2 Customers!)

To make sure you’re effectively leveraging social media platforms we perform a full communications audit. You email us your businesses value proposition, we then review up to 4 social media platforms for 1. Message Clarity & Effectiveness, 2. Grammar & Sentence Structure, & 3. Platform Aesthetics & Profile. We’ll then send you a detailed report detailing all recommended changes, along with methods to increase & engage Followers.

DIRECTIONS TO PURCHASE: If you want us to perform the above audits you can also click here to go to our online store to purchase either or both services. After check-out, email your businesses value proposition to We’ll review your email, call for any clarifications & RSVP with a completion date. Feel free to call me at 203 858-9780 to discuss any of your needs.

Below my signature block I included 2 charts & 3 links supporting the data listed above.

The business climate is getting more & more challenging and you need to be at your best to compete. Your website, email communications, and social media presence are what the world sees & it’s easier than ever to find a competitor. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Get us to audit your presence, or have someone else do it. It’s too important to ignore.

Godspeed to you all!

Dan Gallo, The Small Business Lifer
Managing Director, The Allasso Group, LLC

Instagram vs Twitter Mobile Video Usage thru 2015 YouTubevsaudio

Link to The Problems with Social Media Marketing Infographic on

Instagram Generating Higher Engagement Than Facebook, and Growing Fast [Report]

CoupleWise Contracts The Allasso Group For Management & Capital Raise

CoupleWise logoJanuary 27, 2016 Greenwich, CT. In mid-September 2015 Dan Gallo responded to an unusual post by CoupleWise‘s Founder & Chief Psychologist, Dr. Gary Krane, PhD. His start-up software company needed seed capital and a new direction if he was to succeed in his quest to serve the 35-40 million couples in the USA & Canada having relationship problems. His vision for a robust online app that did more than just provide relationship advice, but contained the wisdom and best practices of couples counselors, therapists & counselors–combined with the wisdom of “wise couples” who’ve stood the test of time, had stalled.

After several interviews with top contenders, Dr. Krane chose to work with Dan Gallo & The Allasso Group. “It was clear to me Dan and Allasso ticked the most boxes for the things we needed to achieve our goals,” said Dr. Krane. “Experience launching & developing a team to build & support a software product, digital marketing experience–Direct Marketing, SEM, and Social Media, successful at fund raising & building compelling investor pitches. Experience writing business plans and building economic business models.  I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made these past 3 months.”

CoupleWise’s business objective is to reduce the divorce & separation rate by revolutionizing the way people repair & strengthen their most important adult relationship by: 1. Dramatically lowering the cost, 2. Delivering a private & confidential online service, and 3. Increase access to time-proven, leading therapeutic practices combined with the power of internet technologies. All elements combine to provide a support system that helps you implement & modify relationship-damaging behavior.

CoupleWise is approximately 30% completed with the 6 functioning tools posted on their website. A user interview & survey of more than 200 couples using CoupleWise brought encouraging news:

  • 89% would recommend CoupleWise to other couples, &
  • 90% felt it improved their relationship

Divorce and separation are wreaking havoc on our society. Consider these facts from various studies:

  • Only 5% of  the almost 40 million unhappy/dissatisfied couples can afford & go to counseling
  • 80% of these couples cannot afford counseling to strengthen/repair their relationship
  • Of the remaining 15% who can afford therapy–they refuse to share their issues with a 3rd party
  • Over a 41% divorce & separation rate — an astonishing 63% for second marriages
  • Significantly higher disability rates from stress related illness (254% increase for women)
  • Increased drug & alcohol abuse
  • An estimated loss of $300B in business productivity/year
  • Long-term psychological & health impact on children

CoupleWise site users & board certified/leading counselors & therapists have had this to say:

  • “The first use of the Internet we have seen that shows real promise for helping vast numbers of couples from the privacy of their own home.” Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz – America’s #1 Love and Marriage Experts, authors of Golden Anniversaries and Building a Love that Lasts
  • “Couplewise is a fantastic tool for anyone in a relationship. It opened the lines of communication between my husband and myself, was quick and easy to use, and in minutes helped us create solutions that really worked.” Lisa, San Jose, CA
  • “I see Couplewise as a great complement for therapists to use in their practice to make therapy much more efficient and to track a couple’s progress.” Dr. Jeff Gardere, regular guest on NBC Today & CBS Early Morning, author of “Smart Parenting for African Americans”
  • “I think Couplewise can be a powerful complement to therapists and a valuable aftercare program for couples.” Harville Hendrix PhD, founder of Imago Therapy, author of NYTimes best seller “Getting the Love You Want” – the Dr. Phil before Dr. Phil on Oprah

For more information on CoupleWise please click here to visit the website. For information on the company, or investment interest please contact

Dan Gallo, The Allasso Group, or call 203 858-9780

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