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I’ve had a long career in IT and media industries, and acquired a wide range of skills and experience. With IBM, my own HR Consultancy, on the Board of Directors of British IT giant ICL, and with Mentor Communications Group.
I’ve sold and managed sales, run customer support & product development, people management processes, management development, international industry strategy and marketing, employee and marketing communications in new media, and many others.
At Mentor Communications, I worked with Dan Gallo to launch Mentor®, the world’s first successful Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).

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Developing a Marketing Plan

When developing a marketing plan we need to recognize there are two sides to marketing. We’ll classify these two sides—except face-to-face selling—into two distinct categories, each with its own process:  Market Planning and Product Marketing (which also applies to service offerings). Market Planning (sometimes called “Market Analysis) clarifies what our market is and will be.  […]